About Us

Based out of Southern California, what started as a simple request for a friend, we created a pair of "face socks.”  The outcome was hilarious, cute and just flat out put a smile on everyone's face.

Word Got Out

The socks were an instant hit!  Order after order, we realized how much everyone enjoyed these.  People quickly wanted to snag a pair for themselves, friends and family.  It was crazy!  Meanwhile, orders  kept rolling in and we didn't even have a website!

So, then came that AH-HA moment.  A spark lit off.  We knew something needed to be done.  The team started working on a website and different designs.  Slowly, but surely, we did it!  We gave the world what they wanted.  FACE SOCKS!  SOCKMYFACE.COM was finally born.  We are always making changes for a better user experience and keeping up on freshly new designs to take care of our fans!

What Sets Us Apart

We strive for excellent customer service with free shipping in the United States and fast turn-around times.  Our customers are of greatest importance!  Heck, if there is something your grandpappy wants that we don't have, you can contact us anytime!  We will make your custom design and list the product on our website for your convenience.

Hit Us Up!

If you feel the need to reach out to us for any reason, we will always get back to you in a timely manner to ensure you are happy with the process of your socks. WE LEAVE NO SOCKS BEHIND!  Well…, I mean customer. :)


We are very passionate about what we do. We truly enjoy seeing the awesome, adorable and funny photos attached to the orders we work on!

HOLD UP! “What do we do with the photo I upload?” you ask.

Will never, (and I REPEAT) NEVER share the photos you upload with anyone, unless, uh…, you’re into that kind of thing ;)

After we have edited the photo, we make the socks and ship them out same-day, or next-day, depending on the time.


The amount of joy that these awesome socks have given us is truly special.  We are so honored to spread that joy with all of you.  The best part is...hearing about our fans’ reactions! PRICELESS!!


We encourage you to film the moment you give a pair of these face socks to someone to capture that unforgettable reaction.